Britain can ill afford to turn its back on China - Article by Lord Sassoon

Lord Sassoon, President of the China-Britain Business Council has shared his thoughts on the UK-China relationship in an article published by . 

"Britain is in the grip of some serious soul-searching over its relationship with China.

The coronavirus crisis has seen numerous appeals for us to “get real” about our approach towards the world’s second-largest economy. Most of these clarion calls have taken a similar form: a litany of grievances against the Chinese, capped by vague demands for Boris Johnson to take a tougher line with Beijing.

Playing the blame game might feel good, but it would be no substitute for a serious and thought-through strategy.

“Getting real” in the case of China means understanding that the UK already has important economic ties, which we can ill afford to put at risk. It also means recognising that the relationship gives us influence and a platform from which to pursue our broader goals." 

Read the full article here



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