CBBC UK Super Brand Day Reaches 1.6 Million+ Online Consumers

Initiated by the China-Britain Business Council, and supported by the British Consulate-General in Shanghai and the UK Department for International Trade, the UK Super Brand Day made a successful debut, gearing up brands for the mid-year 618 E-Commerce Shopping Festival.

The UK Super Brand Day consisted of two live-streaming sessions with two popular KOLs, and a total of 8,200 items were sold during the live-streaming session, which generated over RMB 1.5 million in sales value for participating brands.

The first live-streaming was hosted by a popular KOL nicknamed A Hua on the Guang.com platform at the peak time of 8pm on 31st May: 17 products from 6 brands were chosen to join the first session of the UK Super Brand Day. It received almost 14,000 online viewers, 381,526 likes and 7,757 comments.

On 1st June, CBBC partnered with JI Jie, a celebrity influencer who hosted the UK Super Brand Day on Taobao Live from 8pm. Tom Simpson, China Managing Director of the China-Britain Business Council also joined JI Jie at his live-streaming studio to support the UK Super Brand Day and promote British brands to Chinese e-shoppers. JI Jie introduced 12 products from 9 brands during his live-streaming session.

We successfully reached accumulated page views of over 1.6 million and had over 9,000 concurrent users (the maximum number on platform); and average length of stay was 6.1 minutes. This live-streaming session received over 6.2 million comments and 4.49 million likes from online viewers.

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